Monday, December 7, 2009

Goody Bag (placemat+coaster for kids)

These are great for your children's birthday party.

These placemat and coaster made from cotton

You can roll these up and take them with you anywhere!
It rolls up to fit right in a small bag.
There is a small pocket for cutlery (cutlery not included).
There is a cute little name tag hanging on that small tote, you can write your kid's name on it.

Measure approximately :
Placemat : 43 x 30 cm
Coaster : 10 x 10 cm
Small tote : 20 x 30 cm


Anonymous said...

Ini lucu bgt? Brapaan yah klo pesen 60? Pls reply to
Thanks yaa..
Oia, buat Oktober awal..

SawoKecik said...

oke ... nanti aku email kamu ... makasih ya ... (^.^)


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