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Plumeria Scented Sachet

Come on Plumeria Scented Boys .. let's go outside and play ... yyaayyy ...

these are cute smelling sachets with my original drawings...
designed and handmade by me
filled with Plumeria scented wood dash
ribbon hoop attached at the top
measures about 7 x 11 cm
various cotton fabric on back
the perfect size to stash in a drawer, carry in a bag or hang in your home... Perfect for drawers, the closet, gym bags, small spaces, or use them in your car...You can also throw these in the dryer along with your clothes to great clean natural smelling laundry.

If the scent loses it's strength,it can be easily refreshed by gently squeezing them.

and ... great for house warming gift ... (^.^)

Blue Ring

What is it ?
A blue palm tree ?
Or ... a blue flower ?
No ... this is a blue crocheted ring ...
Who doesn't love blue ... pretty isn't it ? (^.^)

It is a Little Crochet Cotton Flower Ring.
Handcrochet in pure cotton.
Blue coloured cotton.
Flower measures approximately 5 cm across
Attached to adjustable silver toned ring base.
Base will fit most fingers from teenage through to ladies.

Lots of colours available, please feel free to ask me if you would like a custom ring.

a Flower Bunny Camera Wristlet and Strap for Irene

She loves bunny so much ... (^.^)

Note : "This Camera Case Wristlet was made using a Keyka Lou pattern"

Amigurumi : a Girl from TakaTuka Island

Amigurumi : a Girl from TakaTuka Island

a Complimentary Felt Chain for Maria

A complimentary felt chain for Maria .. (^.^)

a Monkey Flower Wallet for Kanya

She loves denim, she loves vintage things, she loves monkey .. and I hope she loves the wallet I made for her.

Ready to deliver ... !!!

Camera Strap for Amesh

I have promised Amesh to make her a camera strap. She sent this pretty fabric for me to sew it into a camera strap ...... hope she like it .....

Oh ya ... dear friends, please forgive me (again..sigh) for the delay shipment and orders .. I'll do your orders as soon as possible ... promise.