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A gift set for Tjut Riana

The Wallet

The Cards Pouch

The Tea Pouch

The Birthday Card

Ternyata Batik Garutan mampu bersanding manis dengan Polkadot ... aaww .. si kancing hijau dan renda putih memeriahkan suasana ... (^.^).

Hope you like it Tjut Riana .. send my best regards for your best friend Karin ...

thank you for waiting and please come again .. heheee ...

a Package for Dedek

This is a package for d3d3k ...yang sudah menunggu selama 100 tahun ya Dek .. heheee ... hope you like it ...!! (^.^)

Dan terselipkan sebuah tissue pouch kecil special buatnya .. sebagai tanda rasa bersalah yang mendalam ... (^_^)

Next !! Buat temen-temen yang belum di delivery ... sabar yaaah ... *sew sew sew*

SawoKecik New Label

SawoKecik New Label

Finishing a Pile

I am getting a few new designs, acquiring a pretty shiny new camera to take pictures of everything ready to reveal. I have so many things I want to be sewing at the moment. Yes, I have lots of new exciting work in my head. Let's see if I have time to make all of it.

Anyway... it's back to my friend's order now, and I'm busy catching up with all the orders placed during the Laptop Sleeve's project's time. In the meantime I will be working on finishing a pile of works in progress.

So … for all my friends … please be patient … I am working on your orders now … (^.^)

Done Finally .. fuihh

275 pcs Batik-Denim Laptop Sleeves for RUPS Astra Otoparts tbk's gift ... done ! Delivery today ....Fuih ....

Thanks to :
1. Heny for being my very best partner .... let's rock more sister !!
2. Mbak Ani for yummy breakfast everymorning, for relaxing hot green tea every late night... Please stay with me always.
3. Tuti for being my 4 months assistant
4. My accupuncturist .. you make me stronger.

Special thanks to my beloved Mama for helping me and worrying me so much .. love you Mama.

ok .. Next ! \(^.^)/

Cards Pouches

This pouches are made from batik, lined with cotton. It is handy for ID & credit cards, bills, etc. and a loop with a button closure keeps everything secure.

Measurements :
Height: 10 cm
Width: 6 cm