Thursday, December 30, 2010

HoneyMoon ... (^.^) ... and Happy New Year !!

Hello my dearest friends,

I'm going away for a few weeks now for our honeymoon ... ehm ...(^.^)

How can I be leaving you all hanging ? Well... I'm sorry... I admit, I've been prioritizing against you.

I'm running... against the clock... trying to finish all my daily work, the marriage things, and of course Sawo Kecik's

Forgive me for all the pending projects ..

After this little honeymoon, I will come back on the right track... So don't hold it against me. I'll be back soon - more creative and improved ... promise ..... (^-^)

Sorry if I will not check my e-mail very often (I really need some vacation, like I guess most of us do :)) and it may take a while before you get a reply.

Hope you all receive your orders in time for Christmas (huge thanks to all of you who have decided to give someone some of my work, I am so flattered).

Please Keep the faith, I am sorry if you won't get their order in time

Thank you all for the wonderful support and comments this year. Without you SawoKecik would be pretty dull :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!



Ajengdewie said...

Semoga semuanya lancar ya mbak.. happy honeymoon n holiday...

riana said...

congrats pimpy, wish you both happiness everafter...:)

martha puri said...

happy new year and happy honeymoon :)
im happy for you.

SawoKecik said...

@Ajeng, Tjut Riana dan Puri : makasih yaaaaa ..... dan Met Taun Baru 2011 ....!!! hihihi kabur bentar nih cari Warnet ... hehe .. teuteuuuup ... ;P

alaya said...

you were married? wow! congrats :)
have a great honeymoon...

SawoKecik said...

Hai Al .... makasih yaaa .... :)


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