Sunday, April 18, 2010

Plumeria Scented Sachet

Come on Plumeria Scented Boys .. let's go outside and play ... yyaayyy ...

these are cute smelling sachets with my original drawings...
designed and handmade by me
filled with Plumeria scented wood dash
ribbon hoop attached at the top
measures about 7 x 11 cm
various cotton fabric on back
the perfect size to stash in a drawer, carry in a bag or hang in your home... Perfect for drawers, the closet, gym bags, small spaces, or use them in your car...You can also throw these in the dryer along with your clothes to great clean natural smelling laundry.

If the scent loses it's strength,it can be easily refreshed by gently squeezing them.

and ... great for house warming gift ... (^.^)


designer said...

so cuute! ^^
gambar sndiri? pake fabric paint atau gmn?

SawoKecik said...

Thank you Ina, iya ini gambarnya di print biasa.

designer said...

dan plumeria scented itu seperti apa ya?
hehe maap pertanyaan ga penting :p soale biasanya liat bantal imut gini pake aroma lavender :)

SawoKecik said...

Haha.. Gak pa pa kok nanya-nanya. Iya memang biasanya pake' lavender, tapi disini nyari lavender kering susah euy, jadi aku pake' sesuatu yang netral ditambah esential oil, kalo' yang ini esential oilnya wangi Plumeria (kamboja bali),begituuu... (^.^)

Bubu Fawnbuck said...

kalo yang ini ready stock? bisa ngebantu ngurangin aroma kandang kelinci gak? ada yang gambar kelinci? berapaan? sori, nanya borongan. thanks... ;)

SawoKecik said...

@Bubu Fawnbuck ... gambar kelinci bisa diatur .. untuk lebih jelasnya sudah saya reply via email, thanks for visiting.


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